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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Golf Hot List 2015 Hybrids

There are some great looking Hybrids in 2015, here are some of the Golf Hot List 2015 Hybrids now available.
Taylormade now have two new styles to choose from in 2015 the R15, R15TP and the Aeroburner.
Titliest also have two models to choose from, the 915H  and the 915Hd .
Callaway have the XR  / XR Pro and the Big Bertha  and Big Bertha Alpha 815 models to choose from.
Nike have the Vapor Speed / Flex and Ping have the G30 hybrid model available in 2015.


The Taylormade R15 has a 96cc head enabling the ability to a hit a variety of shots, the R15 Rescue does not feature any weight adjustability with a standard setting promoting a neutral ball flight. The R15 Rescue comes in 2, 3, 4 and 5 models with lofts of 17, 19, 21 and 24 degrees respectively and is fitted with a TM Fujikura Speeder 77 Evolution shaft as standard.

The Taylormade R15 Rescue TP is also available, differentiated by a Fujikura Speeder 869 Evolution TS shaft, in 2, 3 and 4 options with lofts of 17, 19 and 21 degrees.

Callaway have a great combination of hybrid clubs in 2015.

The Big Bertha Hybrid now have the adjustability in a hybrid, you can choose from 8 different settings with the Optifit hosel to adjust the lie, loft and the shot shape. The Big Bertha model are easy to launch high with the low, forgiving center of gravity.

Also the Big Bertha Alpha 815 hybrid which has the advances face cup technology for the faster ballspeed and a more compact head.

 The Callaway XR Hybrids are designed  to be easier to hit and longer. They feature the next generation Forged Hyper speed Face Cup that increases ball speed across the face for greater distance and forgiveness. More distance and consistency are the highlights of adding a re-engineered Internal Standing Wave.
The Calllaway XR Pro Hybrids, Callaway made a hybrid that’s even longer and forgiving in a compact head design for better players. They feature the Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup that increases ball speeds across the face.


The 915 line of hybrids (915H and 915Hd) includes Titleist's ARC in the sole that boosts ball speeds across the entire face while also lowering spin.

  • 915H (118cc): Up to 4 mph faster than its predecessor. The 915H averaged 250 rpm less spin than the 913H and carried about 6 yards farther on average in Titleist testing.

  • 915Hd (107cc): Up to 3.3 mph faster than its predecessor. The 915Hd averaged 150 rpm less spin than the 913Hd and carried about 6 yards farther on average in Titleist testing.

  • Compared to the 915Hd, the 915 H will launch about 0.7-degrees higher with about 120 rpm more spin.
    The 915 hybrids ($249) are available with four stock shafts:
    • Aldila Rogue Black 80
    • Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana D+ White 80
    • Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana S+ Blue 70
    • Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana M+ Red 60
    915H Lofts: 18, 21, 24, 27 (RH and LH)
    915Hd Lofts: 17.5, 20.5, 23.5 (RH and LH)

    Friday, November 7, 2014

    Golf Hot List 2015 Fairway Woods

    The 2015 fairway woods are now being released and here are the Golf Hot List 2015 Fairway Woods.
    Titliest are one of the earliest to release their 2015 fairway woods and there are some great shaft options in this years models to choose from. Titleist have just released the 915 Fd in an 18 degree model, this is only available in the "Made Only to Order" category, a specialized club for special golfer like you.

    Taylormade have released the R15 fairway woods available in 15°, 16.5°, 19°, 20.5° lofts and the Taylormade Aeroburner is available in Lofts: 3 (15°), 3-HL (16.5°), 5 (18°), 7 (21°), 23°.

     Nike’s Vapor Speed and Vapor Flex fairway woods are designed to fly longer and straighter , The Vapor Speed in particular was made 25 percent larger, making it a great choice for golfers who prefer a larger face profile in their fairway woods.  Engineers were also able to drive the center of gravity (CG) lower in the Vapor Speed fairway woods by adding slope to their crowns.

    Titleist’s 915 fairway woods have the Active Recoil Channel to lower spin and add ball speed on all shots. Titleist also gave the clubs new, hotter faces ,465 stainless steel in the fairway woods.


    The Taylormade R15 Fairway‎ woods  have a simple slide weighting channel which is 25 grams, so depending on how you ball flies you can adjust the weight to straighten up your fairway shots.

    The new Front Track system performs like a Speed Pocket, therefore reducing spin while increasing the size of the sweet spot, and the four-degree loft sleeve allows for more loft adjustability and the opportunity to dial in your ideal launch conditions.


     The TaylorMade AeroBurner Fairway Wood features a new aerodynamic shape that includes a shallow face, raised center crown, and new hosel fin designed to reduce drag for faster swing speeds.

    The new Speed Pocket increases the size of the sweet spot and reduces spin for longer, more forgiving shots on off-center hits. A new matte white finish, black PVD face, and linear AeroBurner crown graphic make alignment easy and inspire confidence off the tee. Lofts: 3 (15°), 3-HL (16.5°), 5 (18°), 7 (21°), 23°.


    The Vapor Flex fairway woods have the same technologies as the Vapor Speed models, but they’re smaller in size and have Nike’s new FlexLoft 2 adjustable hosel, which is 30 percent lighter than the company’s original FlexLoft hosel. It gives golfers the ability to adjust loft 2 degrees up or down from the stock setting and choose one of three independent face angles: left, neutral or right.

    The Vapor Speed ($199) will be available in lofts of 15 and 19 degrees with Mitsubishi Rayon’s Fubuki Z 60 shaft (X, S, R, A and W flexes). The Vapor Flex ($249) will be available in lofts of 15 and 19 degrees with Mitsubishi Rayon’s Second-Generation Diamana S+ 70 shaft (X, S and R flexes).

    TITLEIST 915F and 915Fd

  • 915F (175 cc): Up to 3.5 mph faster than its predecessor. The 915F averaged 200 rpm less spin and 3 yards more carry distance than the 913F in Titleist testing. It launches slightly higher and is slightly higher spinning than the smaller, more workable 915Fd.
  • 915Fd (160 cc): Up to 3.2 mph faster than its predecessor. The 915Fd averaged 150 rpm less spin and 3 yards more carry distance than the 913Fd in Titleist testing. It launches slightly lower with slightly less spin than the 913F.
    The 915 fairway woods ($269) come stock with five different shaft options:
    • Aldila Rogue Black 80
    • Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana D+ White 80
    • Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana S+ Blue 70
    • Mitsubishi Diamana M+ Red 60
    915F Lofts: 13.5, 15, 16.5, 18, 21 (RH and LH)
    915Fd Lofts: 13, 15 (RH and LH) now available in 18, but these are customized, order here. if you would like a personalized Titliest Club.

    The stock length for lofts of 13.5, 15 and 16.5 degrees is 43 inches, the stock length of the 18-degree is 42.5 inches and the stock length for the 21-degree is 42 inches.

  • Monday, October 13, 2014

    Golf Hot List 2015 Drivers

    Here are the Golf Hot list 2015 drivers, the new Titleist 915 driver, again these are available in the D2, D3  and now the D4 but there are a variety of shafts and lofts you have to choose from. 

    Callaway now have the  Big Bertha 816 Double Black Diamond, Great Big Bertha, XR and the XR Pro series of drivers and just released in May is the Mini 1.5.

     Taylormade have the new R15 driver available in both black and white color. Adams Blue is also new for 2015.

    2015  Callaway Big Bertha 816 Double Black Diamond


    Coming up in September 2015 the  Callaway Big Bertha 816 Double Black Driver will be available, this is the latest Callaway driver used by Phil Mickelson and is designed for the elite player, this is a really solid, stable driver.

    Visually, the Double Black Diamond has a rounder, more opened appearance ,also added is a taller Gravity Core so you can finely tune your spin and launch conditions in a compact head shape with a deep face. The Double Black Diamond gives you countless ways to fine tune its performance.  Everything starts with Gravity Core, the most impactful adjustability on the market.  

    The 816 Double Black Diamond also includes weights in the toe and heel to dial in your draw or fade preference and the OptiFit hosel to achieve the loft, lie, and face angle you prefer. so many customization choices to fit the right weight driver for you and the right shaped shot. 

    Check out the Shaft  Options available and Order Your 816 Double Black Diamond HERE 

    2015 Great Big Bertha Driver

    Customizing clubs is the latest craze these days and the Callaway Great Big Bertha has many options to choose from. The 45 1/2 inches club features an adjustable hosel with 4 loft options and two lie angles and a 10.5 gram sliding weight.

    The newest Great Big Bertha is aimed at a wide range of players looking for a driver that can be custom fit to provide an optimum combination of distance and forgiveness in a variety of weight options. Just as with the previous V Series driver the Great Big Bertha is available in a variety of weights including 295g, 305g, 315g, and 325g, allowing players to maximize their speed while also finding the right feel for their swing.

    Standard shaft options for the new Great Big Bertha include the Mitsubishi Bassara (43g), Mitsubishi KuroKage (53g), Fujikura Evolution 665 (65g), and Mitsubishi Diamana D+ (70g). A wide range of aftermarket shafts is also available at no extra charge. Standard loft options are 9, 10.5, and 13.5-degrees.

    Check out the best priced 2015 Great Big Bertha Driver

    Titleist 915 D4

    The 915D4 is available but can only be special ordered through a Titleist stockist, it has a slightly more forward center of gravity compared to the 915D3 driver and more crown curvature for a slightly rounder appearance at address.

     It measures 450 cubic centimeters, 10 cc larger than the 915D3. All the other features like the Titleist’s Active Recoil Channel, Radial Speed Face and SureFit Adjustable Hose appear the same.

    The Titleist 915D4 will be available in 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 degree models, it has a 16 setting adjustable hosel system that allows you to change the loft and lie angle.

    It is only available through the Titleist “Made Only to Order”, so make sure you order your Titleist 915 D4 right here

    TaylorMade Aeroburner Mini Driver

    It features all the same design and technology as the other AeroBurner woods, but in a 253cc head. This makes it around 90cc bigger than the AeroBurner fairway and 207cc smaller than the AeroBurner driver.  The Mini Driver has a 43.5 inch Matrix shaft that is 2.25 inches shorter than the AeroBurner driver

    There are three lofts of 12°, 14° and 16° and the crown uses the same raised section and rough surface to assist with reducing drag as it goes through the air.
    In addition, the smaller head can move through the air a touch faster than a 460cc driver, so that will help increase club head and ball speed too.

    The Callaway Mini 1.5

    The Callaway Mini 1.5 features a clubhead that’s 35% larger than Callaway’s XR fairway wood, the Bertha Mini 1.5 has a high MOI for more forgiveness than a standard fairway wood and a cambered sole that provides versatility for anyone choosing to play shots off the fairway.
    Callaway Mini 1.5

    A 44-inch Kuro Kage Silver Tini shaft that’s 1 to 2 inches shorter than a standard driver shaft makes it a little easier to swing, particularly for players who typically struggle with a full-length driver.
    The 235cc clubhead can be adjusted using Callaway’s OptiFit Hosel to four different loft options, each with a draw or neutral configuration.

    The Callaway Mini 1.5 also features  a forged hyper speed face cup for low spin and distance and a forged composite crown. The Bertha Mini 1.5 is available in 12° and 14° models.

    The Callaway XR and XR Pro

    Speed is everything and it's the driving force behind the new XR driver with the new "Speed Step" crown and aerodynamic head reduce drag and increase clubhead speed.

    The new "R-MOTO" face technology is 10% lighter for added forgiveness and a lower center of gravity.

    XR Loft options: 9, 10.5, 12 and 13.5 degrees

    Adjustability: The hosel allows for eight different loft and lie combinations - the loft can be increased one or two degrees or reduced by one degree

    46" Stock shaft: True Temper Project X LZ 

    The Callaway Men's XR Pro Driver gives you low spin and outrageous speed in a players shape. Led by high speed, more efficient energy transfer, forgiveness and more speed from an enhanced aero shape available in 9 and 10.5 degree loft.

    Ping G30 Driver

    The Ping G30 Driver features an emphasis on speed without sacrificing performance, setting this driver apart from all others.

    To generate faster clubhead speed and ball velocity for longer drives, turbulators were engineered onto the crown of the 460cc head. Proven in wind-tunnel testing to reduce aerodynamic drag and create efficient airflow, the added speed from Turbulator Technology provides measurable distance gains for all skill levels. 

    At address, they create a captured appearance with the ball and assist with alignment and inspiration.
    The G30's center of gravity (CG) position is the lowest and farthest back of any Ping model, ensuring optimal launch conditions and an even higher moment of inertia (MOI) in both axes for extreme forgiveness and maximum energy transfer. 

    A new high-strength, lightweight T9S titanium face is thinner and hotter to optimize face deflection for faster ball speeds and longer drives. Another source of power is the TFC 419D high-balance-point shaft. The CG is closer to the grip end, allowing for a heavier head, which increases the MOI and contributes to the extremely low CG. The result is more energy, momentum and inertia for greater distance with accuracy.

    The adjustable hosel has the same mass and outer diameter as Ping's fixed hosels, providing the benefits of adjustability with no sacrifice in performance. Trajectory Tuning+ Technology offers five settings, allowing you to optimize your ball flight by increasing or reducing loft by 6/10ths of a degree or one full degree, to maximize distance and control. Settings are standard, +0.6°, +1°, -0.6°, and -1°.
    Additional features:
    • Head size: 460cc
    • Materials: Ti 8-1-1 body, T9S titanium face
    • Length: 45.75"
    • Loft adjustability: ±1°
    • Sole CTP - greater range of weights accommodates wide range of after-market shafts for optimizing swingweight
    • TFC 419D Shaft - high balance point allows for heavier head (approximately 5 grams), which increases MOI for more distance and accuracy


    The Nike Flex  driver has the new FlexFlight technology embedded in a carbon enhanced RZN Cavity adjusts CG from low and forward to low and back for fine-tuned launch condition, with the covert cavity back design redistributes weight towards the heel and toe to maximize forgiveness.

     Each driver is adjustable in half degree increments from 8.5 degrees to 12.5 degrees.

     FlexLoft 2 technology offers 15 different launch options


     The TaylorMade R15 Driver is available in two sizes: 460cc and 430cc and there is  two 12.5-gram weights on the R15’s Front Track system.

     The 460 driver is available in black or white clubhead finishes, while the 430 (TaylorMade’s lowest spinning driver) is white only. The length of the R15 drivers is 45.5 inches.

     TaylorMade teamed with Fujikura to design specific shafts for the R15. The 460 has Fujikura’s new Speeder 57 Evolution shaft, while the 430 has the new Speeder 67 Evolution shaft.

    Lofts for the 460 are 9.5, 10.5, 12 and 14 degrees. The 430 lofts are 9.5, 10.5 and 12. Adjustable hosels in both allow golfers to make significant changes in loft/face angle, which are related, as well as lie.

    Jason Day, the winner of the 2015 PGA Championship played with the Taylormade R15 (10.5 degree) with the Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Silver TiNi 80X shaft.


     The new TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver is a speed merchant, pure and simple. It has a larger and improved Speed Pocket.. The Speed Pocket allows the face to flex more at impact, which TaylorMade says helps maintain ball speed on offcenter strikes.

    Lofts for the AeroBurner driver are 9.5, 10.5, 12 and HL (High Loft). AeroBurner fairway woods and hybrids round out the family. The length of the AeroBurner driver is 45.75 inches.

    TITLEIST 915 D2

     The latest  Titliest technology has an Active Recoil Channel technology to produce lower spin and higher speed for more distance but without affecting the forgiveness of the club, Titliest have been working with this concept for the last 4 years n has come out with two great performing drivers for 2015..

    The concept behind the Active Recoil Channel is a long, wide and deep sole channel that actively flexes at impact and recoils to launch the ball off the face with higher speed and lower spin.

    The 915D2 driver is a 460cc full-pear shaped head designed for maximum forgiveness and a slight draw bias.

     Titleist 915D2 is available in 7.5º, 8.5º, 9.5º, 10.5º and 12º lofts.


    The Adams Blue Easy Launch System is built on three technical approaches:
    Velocity Slot Technology: Common in other Adams clubs, VST is a visible slot in the soles of clubs, just back from the clubface. The slot allows the clubface to flex more at impact. This produces better ball speeds across the face.

    Low and back CG position: Low-and-forward is a trend in golf equipment for better golfers, but low-and-back remains the go-to center-of-gravity position in clubs aimed and mid- and higher handicappers.

    SlimTech shafts: New in the Blue series are the Adams SlimTech shafts. These shafts have narrower tips, which leads to a lower kickpoint, which, again, helps a golfer get a higher launch.

    The Adams Blue Driver comes in lofts of 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees