2015 Hot List

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Golf Hot List 2015 Irons

The Golf list 2015 irons have a variety of new irons on the market, Taylormade have released the RSi 1, RSi 2 and the Rsi TP, Callaway have released the XR and the XR Pro series, Mizuno JPX850, Cobra have released the Fly Z Irons. And take a look at the new 2016 Titleist Irons that will be released in late 2015.

 Titleist 716 Irons

There will be 5 models of 716 irons to choose from, there will be the AP1, AP2, CB, MB and T-MB.

The biggest was the addition of a new T-MB iron. The 716 T-MB has what appears to be a tungsten weight that runs along the entire sole and the lower portion of the muscle pad. With the weight placed low and back, the additional weight boosts forgiveness and feel within the iron.

Tungsten could also play a big part in the design of AP1, AP2 and CB. All three irons have the word "Tungsten" stamped on the toe portion of the head.

Titleist's 716 AP2 is forged and has the word Tungsten on the 5 through 7 irons only, along with a re-designed cavity and the tungsten accounts for approximately 20% of the head weight, Adding weight in the heel and toe of the head increased the MOI in the long and short irons without increasing the blade length.

TaylorMade RSi 1, RSi 2, RSi TP Iron Review

The RSi name stands for 'R-series Slotted Iron' and they form part of the R-series family that is aimed at those who like a bit of extra technology in their clubs. The TaylorMade RSi 1 irons have the classic TaylorMade iron look of thick top lines, generous soles and a moderate hosel offset which I do like. It makes the irons look sleek and powerful at the same time and even in the 4-iron the cavity remains hidden at address.

The face slots are thinner on the RSi 2 irons and are straight without the handlebars due to the shallower cavity. They were a little less forgiving than the RSi 1, as you would expect, and it was possible to shape the ball if you wanted to.

The TP or Tour Preferred designation means that these irons are aimed at elite amateurs and professionals. Compared to the RSi 2 irons the TP have a much thinner top line, less offset and a slightly shorter head. The soles are also thinner and that makes them a little more playable from tighter lies. They come with the KBS Tour shaft that suits these clubs very well and the extra 15 grams of weight in the stiff flex gives the TP irons a little more feel that the RSi 2.

Mizuno JPX850

The Mizuno JPX850 Forged irons shape is pretty similar to previous model with the design of the cavity back being slightly different to move the weight round the edges of the club to increase the forgiveness. In addition the finish has changed from black and chrome to all chrome.

The biggest change is in what you can't see and that is the addition of the boron into the make up of the steel head. Boron is metal that is 30% stronger than steel, so adding the two together creates a stronger material that then enables Mizuno to make the face thinner to increase ball speed.
The ball speed was impressive as on our launch monitor it was more than a Mizuno H5 iron and almost the same as the Mizuno JPX850 cast iron.

The thinner face then weighs less and this weight is then moved to the edges of the club to increase the Moment of Intertia (MOI) to make it more forgiving.

 The JPX850 Forged feels like a better player's blade disguised as a cavity back for those who don't quite have the consistency or swing speed to play the real thing.
The length of the head is the same as the standard JPX850, but the top line is thinner and the offset is similar to a blad.
The stock steel shaft is the True Temper XP115 shaft, which is a stepped shaft that is around 15 grams lighter than a Dynamic Gold in S300 flex. It really makes the club, as the feel is just what a better player would want, but also it is light enough to increase the club head speed to get the most from that faster face.


  The Callaway XR are the first high speed, cavity back, cup-face iron. Callaway developed the new XR and XR Pro irons for players who are looking for more ball speed and distance. The improved face cup technology provides outrageous ball speed all across the face.

The Internal Standing Wave is the ultimate team player. It’s refined the way that we lower CG, increased MOI and gives the face cup the freedom to provide more ball speed. 

The Callaway Men's XR Irons will come standard with True Temper Speed Step 80 steel shafts for $799 or Project X SD graphite shafts for $899. The XR Pros will come with KBS Tour-V 90 steel shafts for $899


The Cobra Men's Fly-Z Fly-Z irons have the wide soles that are typical of game-improvement irons, but use thinner top lines, medium offset and a more compact shape than previous models for a better look at address.The Fly-Z irons ($699, 4-PW) are available in Black, Blue, Orange, Red and White.

The Fly Z+ has a softer, blade-like feel. There’s also an array of engineering improvements throughout the set for more forgiveness and control where golfers need it.

 The Fly-Z Pro’s have a tungsten screw in the toe, a trick that Rickie Fowler uses in his irons to move the center of gravity toward the center of the face, away from the heel.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Golf Hot List 2015 Putters

Here are the Golf Hot List 2015 putters that have emerged from all the major manufacturers in 2015.  Nike now has the Method Prototype 006 available for consumers, as well as tour players. Also released by Nike are the Converge and the Method Matter.

The Callaway Odyssey Tank Cruiser, Works Versa, Spider Blade and Metal - X Milled, the Ping Cadence TR and the Karsten TR, the Scotty Cameron GoLo 5R and 6 and the Futura X5R.

There is such a variety in styles of putters to choose from, the blade putters with their sleek appearance, the mallet putter that make compensation for the occasional mis-hit on the putter face and then there is the length of the putter. The new Dual Balance available in 36-38 inches is ideal for those of you that like the longer style putter.


The Scotty Cameron Putters for 2015 are emerging to be another success. Some of the new ideas have revealed by Mr.Scotty Cameron, He often uses the PGA Tour Pro's to get their ideas and creates his new models around the suggestions made by the guys that are currently using his putters on tour. Mr Cameron has made some strides in the mallet series of Scotty Cameron putters , here are some of the new look GoLo series additions to the putters for 2015.


The Nike Method Prototype 006 putter is now available, the same putter Rory McIlroy uses.
Why is "prototype" in the name? Because the putter has been in the bags of some of Nike Golf's PGA Tour players for a while, but is just now being released to consumers.

The 006 putter uses Nike's Polymetal Groove technology in the clubface, which Nike Golf promotes for providing a softer feel and faster forward roll.

The 006 shape is not new, at least in name (or should that be number), with the Anser style, heel-toe weighted shape appearing as an option in Nike's Method Midnight line but this is the first time it has been made available in the Method Prototype 006 head.

The Oven is prominent on the 006 Prototype as well with each putter featuring a laser-engraved Nike Oven logo on the sole, highlighting the exclusive nature of this release.


The Odyssey Works Line

Odyssey’s Works putters merge two  successful technologies to create something new.The putters use a new insert , called Fusion RX , that combines Odyssey’s White Hot insert with a stainless steel mesh that’s similar to the company’s Metal-X insert. The idea was to combine the soft, consistent feel of the White Hot insert with the roll benefits of the Metal-X insert pattern

The new technologies are used on each of the 11 putters in the Odyssey Works line: #1, #1 Wide, #7, #9, V-Line, 2-Ball Fang, 2-Ball Fang Tank, Arm Lock #1 Wide, Tank #1 Wide, Tank #7 and Rossie #1 Tank. All models (except the Arm Lock #1 Wide) are also available with a SuperStroke grip for a $20 upcharge

The Odyssey Tank Cruiser

The Tank Cruiser putters are available in four different styles, the #1 Wide and 330M have a bit of toe hang, while the #7 and V-Line are face-balanced  and each is available in lengths of 35 or 38 inches.

The Tank Cruiser putters  have two adjustable weight ports and three sets of putter head weights that weigh 10 grams, 15 grams and 20 grams. They allow the putter head to be made as light as 365 grams or as heavy as 385 grams in 10-gram increments.